A look at America's approval of Presidents since 1980

Now more than ever before America seems to be at it's most divided and dissatisfied politically. With the 2020 presidential election season upon us let's review the last 5 administrations before Trump. From Regan to Obama we'll look at the percentage of the popular and electoral votes recieved by each candidate. We'll then see the approval rate for each president in each term they served.

Here you can see the percentage of both the popular vote, and the electoral college vote recieved by each candidate. If they were elected for two terms their percentage is averaged between the two elections.

  • The highest average percentage goes to Regan with 54.76% of the popular vote and 94.2% of the electoral vote.
  • The democrat with the highest average percentage of the popular vote was Obama with 51.2%
  • The democrat with the highest average percentage of the electoral college vote was Bill Clinton with 69.61%

Here you can see the approval rating for each president shown for each of their terms (Everyone except G.W. Bush served for two terms)

  • The highest first term approval rating out of these presidents was W. Bush at 62.2%
  • The highest second term approval rating goes to Bill Clinton at 60.6%
  • The president with the highest average approval rating goes to G.W. Bush at 60.9%- even though he only served one term
  • The president who saw the biggest drop in their approval rating was W. Bush with a drop of 25.7% from his first term to second.